Blockbuster David Bakhtiari trade proposal is absolute dream scenario for Packers

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David Bakhtiari is still one of the best pass protectors in football, but his time with the Green Bay Packers could be nearing an end.

According to Spotrac, Bakhtiari's cap hit rises to $40.47 million next year. That's quarterback money for a left tackle entering his age-33 season. The Packers have gotten younger this offseason by moving on from several veteran starters.

The Packers could wait until next offseason to part ways with Bakhtiari, likely by releasing him. However, now that June 1 has passed, it becomes financially possible for the team to trade him this year.

Green Bay wouldn't save much cap space this year, but crucially, a trade would reduce Bakhtiari's cap hit to $19.08 million in 2024.

But how could a deal get done? Let's look at one offer they couldn't refuse.

Packers Rumors: David Bakhtiari trade proposal to Chiefs would be dream scenario

Andy Herman of the Pack-A-Day podcast listed three potential landing spots for Bakhtiari via trade: The New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Herman believes the Chiefs make the most sense. His trade proposal sees the Packers send Bakhtiari to Kansas City for a second-round pick.

Bakhtiari Trade

"They are the best team in the league, and they are risking a lot with Patrick Mahomes, having Donovan Smith as their left tackle for this season," Herman said. "And you can solve that with only a $2 million salary cap hit by adding David Bakhtiari to the roster. If I were Kansas City, I'd be calling Green Bay right now and offering my second-round pick for next year."

Herman is spot on about the salary cap. According to Over The Cap, the Chiefs would pay $2.47 million on the cap this year and $21.5 million in 2024, which is well worth it for an All-Pro tackle.

Talk about a win-win trade.

The Chiefs find the perfect replacement for Orlando Brown. Bakhtiari has two years remaining on his contract, and he instantly helps protect their all-world quarterback. Kansas City has won two of the past four Super Bowls, playing in three. Protecting Mahomes is priority number one to getting back there this season.

For Bakhtiari, it's a no-brainer. He leaves the Packers' "rebuild", in his own words, to join the best team in football with a chance to win a title.

The Packers move on from another future Hall-of-Famer but create cap space and gain a second-round pick from the Chiefs.

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