Bold predictions for Green Bay Packers in 2024 NFL Draft

What does Packers GM Brian Gutekunst have up his sleeve?
Green Bay Packers
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4. Packers make at least one player trade

When you have a roster that's ready to compete and 11 picks in the draft, you might consider making a player trade. At least, that would be a wise course of action for a team that has already done some uncharacteristic spending in free agency.

It's doubtful the Packers could get the San Francisco 49ers to send Brandon Aiyuk to Green Bay, but what if they were willing to do it for that high second-round pick?

What about sending a pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for Tee Higgins and adding him to this roster?

Maybe the Packers would consider throwing something at the Cleveland Browns in exchange for former first-round pick Greg Newsome II, who still has his fifth-year option next year and could end up being an impact starter in Green Bay on the outside.

There could be some fascinating trades available to the Packers in the 2024 NFL Draft, and with their plethora of draft picks, it might be the right timing to take a calculated risk. Furthermore, it might be worth looking into the idea of trading Christian Watson if the Packers want to move up at some point, or even add future picks.

I'll get a little bold and say the Packers will use one or two picks to trade for a veteran player, maybe even someone not on this list.

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