Breaking down the Packers' options along the offensive line in 2024

Green Bay Packers, Rasheed Walker
Green Bay Packers, Rasheed Walker / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Before April 25, the Green Bay Packers' offensive line looked set for the coming year, with Rasheed Walker, Elgton Jenkins, Josh Myers, Sean Rhyan, and Zach Tom starting, and new signing Andre Dillard being able to fill in at either tackle spot.

Then general manager Brian Gutekunst drafted left tackle Jordan Morgan from Arizona with the 25th overall pick in the first round. The Packers added more depth with Jacob Monk in the fifth round and Travis Glover in the sixth. Shoring up the offensive line and the rest of the depth chart was a priority in the draft.

The question is: What is that depth chart going to look like?

With the addition of Jordan Morgan, offensive line coach Adam Stenavich has placed a clear emphasis on what he wants out of his front five: versatility.

Elgton Jenkins has seen substantial play across the offensive line during his time in Green Bay. Zach Tom is reportedly believed by the organization to be even better inside at center and, like Jenkins, can legitimately play all five positions up front.

Morgan is no different, as multiple scouts projected him to kick inside to play guard if needed. Fifth-round pick Jacob Monk is another example of versatility, as he was able to start games at both guard and center for the Blue Devils last season.

Versatility creates competition for Packers along offensive line

All in all, Stenavich likes his guys to be able to play multiple positions. His goal as the offensive line coach is to play the best five possible, so being able to have multiple positions is a plus.

The offensive line room just got a whole lot more competitive with the arrival of Morgan. Usually, teams keep their offensive line the same five guys as much as they can to build chemistry and consistency amongst the group.

With that, the Packers now have arguably seven linemen who can come in and start up front: Dillard, Jenkins, Morgan, Myers, Rhyan, Tom, and Walker. Throughout the whole season, these seven, along with Jacob Monk, Travis Glover, Royce Newman, and more, will compete day in and day out for a spot in the first five.

Here are what the projected position battles will look like:

  • LT: Rasheed Walker, Jordan Morgan, Andre Dillard
  • LG: Elgton Jenkins, Jacob Monk, Sean Rhyan
  • C: Josh Myers, Zach Tom, Elgton Jenkins, Jacob Monk
  • RG: Sean Rhyan, Zach Tom, Jordan Morgan, Jacob Monk
  • RT: Zach Tom, Jordan Morgan, Travis Glover, Andre Dillard

Of all of these, the position that requires the most attention is going to be the center spot. With Myers being a free agent after this season, the potential of Tom to take over the center spot and let him walk is a real possibility. This opens up a door for Morgan to start at right tackle in place of Tom, leaving Myers the odd man out in favor of Rhyan.

However, would Green Bay really leave out a starter since the day he's been with the team in favor of a third-round pick who has barely seen playing time? That remains to be seen.

Does Morgan simply take over for Walker? While Walker played well towards the end stretch of the season, it remains to be seen if this was just a purple patch or if he stays this good. Along with that, Jenkins still remains a contender to plug-and-play at any hole the Packers feel they have on the line.

Overall, Stenavich must feel like a kid in a candy store. With all these potential lineups, he can work with Matt LaFleur to construct the perfect offensive line to suit the needs of the offense.

The ability to have your top three linemen (Jenkins, Tom, Morgan) play four or five positions is a blessing that should not be taken for granted by Green Bay. Like the wide receiver room, the depth in the front five allows for extreme competition for playing time and the ability to feel confident in whoever walks out on that field on a week-to-week basis.

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