4 contracts holding the Green Bay Packers back right now

The Packers are going to have to deal with these contracts soon.

Green Bay Packers
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4. Aaron Jones

The way Aaron Jones turned things up over the final month of the season for the Green Bay Packers, the team might have to think twice about him being an obvious salary cap casualty.

When Jones was dealing with injuries and not looking like himself at times during the regular season, it was easy to look at his cap hit of nearly $18 million for 2024 and think he was low-hanging fruit. Jones is entering the final year of his contract in 2024, and it might still make sense for the Packers to move on, even as well as he played in that final stretch of games this past year.

Jones is going to be 30 this coming season, and that likely takes an extension off the board for him. Not completely, because you never say never, but with 11 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft and a ton of talent in free agency, the Packers might not have a better time to move on.

If Green Bay decided to make Jones a post-June 1 cut, it would save them more than $11.85 million. If you add that to the other veterans mentioned here, the Packers could wind up adding over $50 million in cap space by making these four moves. Would it create some holes on the roster? Certainly, but nothing that cap space and draft picks can't fix.

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