5 current head coaches the Packers could hire to replace Joe Barry

Which current head coaches in the NFL could be the Packers DC in 2024?
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Bill Belichick

Obviously, this is extremely far-fetched, but Bill Belichick has always spoken well of the Packers and quite frankly, no one really knows what he'd be wanting to do if he did end up leaving the New England Patriots after this season.

You would undoubtedly assume that he'd be looking for head coaching gigs first and foremost, but Belichick is a tremendous defensive mind and if he doesn't like the situations that pop up around the league in 2024, he could scratch the football itch by coming to Green Bay for a season and see what comes up next offseason.

You never know...But don't hold your breath, either.

Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley's stock is undoubtedly going to be way down after what we just saw transpire with him as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, but he rose to that position by doing a great job coaching up defense in the first place. Staley was the defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams in 2020, and that unit was the best in the league in points allowed that season.

He got the Chargers gig in 2021, and while this is meant to be a list of "current" head coaches, I'm going to cheat a bit with Staley because he was literally just fired on Friday.

Staley is a disciple of Vic Fangio, whom he worked with as an assistant both in Chicago and Denver. He could rehabilitate his value as a future head coach if he can turn the Green Bay Packers defense into a top-five unit.