5 current head coaches the Packers could hire to replace Joe Barry

Which current head coaches in the NFL could be the Packers DC in 2024?
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Dennis Allen

It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the NFC South the remainder of this season because as of right now, it looks like three teams could possibly win the division and three teams could also be looking to make coaching changes as soon as the season is over.

The New Orleans Saints are in their second year of the post-Sean Payton era, and Dennis Allen has been a longtime assistant for the Saints as well as the former head coach of the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders.

Allen has obviously had a lot of success in the NFL to be named head coach of multiple franchises, but if the Saints let him go, I think he'd be a coveted defensive coordinator candidate by a variety of teams and could be an upgrade for the Packers.

Todd Bowles

Just like the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are kind of hanging in the balance right now with a 6-7 record and the playoffs (as well as NFC South division title) a possibility. Also a possibility: The Buccaneers could fire their head coach and make wholesale changes in 2024.

Todd Bowles is unquestionably one of the top defensive minds in the game today, which is why he's been a head coach multiple times over. If Bowles ends up getting let go by the Buccaneers, he would for sure have teams lining up to hire him as a defensive coordinator and may even have other teams offering him their head coaching gigs.

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