Famous Packers who have jumped ship and joined Vikings out of spite

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Jones
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Jones / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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4. Aaron Jones, RB

The Green Bay Packers made the slightly shocking decision near the beginning of 2024 NFL free agency to pursue All Pro running back Josh Jacobs. Jacobs, formerly of the Raiders, signed to a big-money deal in Green Bay to be their featured running back, which pushed incumbent big-money running back Aaron Jones right out the door.

Jones had a slightly disappointing year in 2023 due to injuries, but he finished the season so strong that many people felt like the Packers would have virtually no choice but to keep him around. Apparently, the Packers felt differently.

Jones was cut not long after the Jacobs signing, and it feels like no one had time to even blink before Jones signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings. The fact that Jones signed with the Vikings for just $7 million when the Packers reportedly offered to keep him around for about $6 million tells us all we need to know.

He's going for revenge.

The speed with which Jones signed in Minnesota was impressive. This was a rich running back market, but both parties acted so quickly to get a deal done, you just can't help but feel like it was done out of spite. Now, Jones will get the chance to go up against Green Bay at least twice and show them what they're missing.

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