4 former Green Bay Packers we'd like to see return in 2024

Which former Packers players should be welcomed back in 2024?
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2. Oren Burks, LB

The Green Bay Packers selected Oren Burks in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and frankly, he was contributing to what many thought to be the third-round curse in Green Bay for a while.

Burks was the 88th overall pick, and anytime you take a guy in the top 100 of the NFL Draft, you expect your coaching staff to be able to develop that guy into a starter. In four years, that never really happened for Burks with the Packers.

Can we just blame Joe Barry at this point?

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All kidding aside, Burks got a second chance after leaving Green Bay with the San Francisco 49ers, and in 15 games this past season, he actually did some really nice things for them. He racked up a total of 46 tackles, an interception, a sack, and three tackles for loss playing just 326 snaps for the 49ers.

Is it possible that Burks could come back to Green Bay as a relatively modest free agent signing and slot next to Quay Walker if the Packers decide to move on from De'Vondre Campbell? Maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility.