4 former Green Bay Packers we'd like to see return in 2024

Which former Packers players should be welcomed back in 2024?
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3. Rasul Douglas, CB

Should the Green Bay Packers rectify the mistake of trading Rasul Douglas to the Buffalo Bills and get him back?

Or has this ship permanently sailed?

Bleacher Report recently put out an article about some trades that could save teams some salary cap space, and they suggested the Bills actually trade Douglas back to the NFC North, but to the Detroit Lions, not the Green Bay Packers.

They actually argued that the Bills should try to first trade Tre'Davious White at the cornerback position, but that to save some cap space they might want to think about moving off of Douglas and going younger at the position as a whole.

Although Douglas is going into the last year of his deal at the age of 30 this year, he boasts the kind of ball production you covet at the cornerback position. And the Packers' decision to trade him last year obviously didn't look great as he picked off four passes for Buffalo and was a huge reason why that team experienced a second-half resurgence.

Since 2021, Douglas has 14 interceptions and 40 passes defensed. Depending on what we see the Packers decide to do at the position this offseason, and depending on the price Buffalo is asking, maybe the Packers can get a mulligan on this one.