4 former Green Bay Packers we'd like to see return in 2024

Which former Packers players should be welcomed back in 2024?
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4. Mason Crosby, K

Should the Packers bring back their old friend Mason Crosby this offseason as some veteran competition for Anders Carlson?

Anytime you draft a kicker in the NFL, you almost have to be willing to live with the struggles they go through. Carlson was perfect for a good stretch of his rookie season, but when things went off the rails, he started to miss kicks at the most inopportune times.

Missed field goals were arguably the difference in the Denver game last year on the road, the New York Giants game on the road, and certainly the playoff game against the 49ers on the road. It wouldn't be a terrible idea for the Packers to bring back Crosby this offseason as a camp body, someone who could at least push Carlson.

And who knows? Maybe Crosby could win the competition. Kickers are like relief pitchers in baseball a lot of times. Their success can be so streaky and volatile. The Packers' ideal scenario is to have Anders Carlson figure it out and get to a level of consistency, making upwards of 90 percent of his kicks.

Maybe bringing back Mason Crosby can help with that. Crosby was anything but perfect in his opportunities last year outside of Green Bay, but if it has a chance to upgrade the kicking game in any way, the Packers have to try.

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