3 former Packers players we're glad are gone, 2 we wish never left

The Packers will have to live with the decisions they've made this offseason.
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We're glad he's gone: Jon Runyan Jr., OG

In terms of "what have you done for me lately?" it was really time for Jon Runyan Jr. to find a new NFL home. And he did just that in the 2024 offseason, signing a substantial deal with the New York Giants -- a three-year contract worth a whopping $30 million in total money.

Packers fans weren't sad to see Runyan go, especially at that price. He struggled so badly in the 2023 season that the Packers started rotating in Sean Rhyan. There have been times that Runyan has looked like he could be a long-term fixture at the right guard position, but it seems the Packers will happily let the New York Giants figure that out and look at the alternatives.

We wish he never left: Darnell Savage, S

It definitely hurts Packers GM Brian Gutekunst to have to part ways with a former first-round pick, but that's the life cycle in the NFL. The Packers tried for five years to make things work with Darnell Savage, and now he's sadly off to the Jacksonville Jaguars to hopefully realize his full potential.

We saw glimpses of that over the course of Savage's first two years with the Packers but once Joe Barry came into the picture, Savage's career took a turn for the worst. It's just a shame the timing didn't work out to at least see what Savage could do with new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley. Perhaps if the Packers had made the decision to move on from Joe Barry one year earlier...