3 former Packers players we're glad are gone, 2 we wish never left

The Packers will have to live with the decisions they've made this offseason.
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We're glad he's gone: David Bakhtiari, OT

David Bakhtiari deserves a ton of respect for what he accomplished with the Green Bay Packers, there's no question about it. He was selected to five All-Pro teams and three Pro Bowls in his heyday with the Pack, and Bakhtiari will likely go down as one of the best left tackles to ever don the green and gold.

We salute him.

But we can also be glad that this era is over. The Packers freed up $20 million in cap space by letting go of Bakhtiari, who has unfortunately been handcuffing the team a bit financially. Not only did the Packers get his contract off the books, but they freed themselves up for a full youth movement on the offensive line. They can now roll with Rasheed Walker or pursue a new left tackle in the 2024 NFL Draft.

We wish he never left: Aaron Jones, RB

For a brief moment during NFL free agency, both Aaron Jones and Josh Jacobs were Green Bay Packers. And the idea of those two carrying the rock for Green Bay was glorious.

For the moment it lasted, that is.

The dream of seeing Jones and Jacobs wear teams down in the running game was gone almost as quickly as it appeared, as the Packers cut their longtime starting running back which paved the way for him to sign with the rival Minnesota Vikings. So not only did the dream disappear, but it also quickly turned into a nightmare.

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