Grading the Packers' first moves of 2024 free agency

Breaking down an exhausting Day 1 of NFL Free Agency in Green Bay.
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Releasing David Bakhtiari: C+

I know that the counter-argument to this is that the move gets an A+ because Bakhtiari isn't nearly the player he used to be, was making a ton of money to basically be a team ambassador for the last three years, and will turn 33 a few weeks into next season, but whatever. It's a bummer. In 11 seasons with the Packers, Bakhtiari was named an All-Pro five times, made three pro bowls, and took at least one iconic picture to go into Bears-Packers lore.

He was a fan favorite for over a decade, and a staple on some of the most offensively-dominant teams of the last few years. The writing was on the wall this last season, when the Packers' offensive line didn't miss a beat without him there, but that doesn't make the move any easier to digest. *Especially* on the same day when they released Aaron Jones. The Packers got better on Monday, but at quite the cost. It may be a necessary move, but necessary moves can still be bad.

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