4 ex-Packers who are still free agents

Is it the end of the road for these former Packers?
Green Bay Packers, Casey Hayward
Green Bay Packers, Casey Hayward / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Coming off a deflating loss to the Detroit Lions, at home and in prime time, Green Bay Packers fans are frustrated. They're doing what many fans do best: overreact.

Whether it's blaming a certain player or clamoring for a coach to be fired, Packer fans are expressing their emotions.

Sometimes, it's fun to start looking ahead or even look back in times of frustration. Fortunately, the Packers aren't reeling, nor should their fan base feel like the season is crashing before them.

Still, let's spend a little time looking back, shall we? Here are a few former Packers that are still looking for a job.

1. Pat O'Donnell, P

Currently 32 years old and likely having plenty more football in him, punter Pat O'Donnell was let go by the Packers this offseason after having spent just one season with the team. Last season, O'Donnell finished 29th in the league in average yards per punt with 44.5. To a Chicago Bears fan, that should come as no surprise.

Throughout his career with the Bears, O'Donnell was hardly ever in the top half of the league in net punt average. In fact, more often than not, he was in the bottom third.

With a lot of younger punters coming into the league over the last couple years, O'Donnell very well may be out of a job unless there is an injury which required a team to go out and sign a veteran who could come in and punt on a moment's notice.

O'Donnell was drafted by the Bears back in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.