3 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat during the playoffs

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1. Joe Barry

Credit to defensive coordinator Joe Barry for his work over the past two weeks. He has shown a willingness to play more aggressive defense.

In two must-win games, Green Bay held Chicago and Minnesota to a combined 19 points, 403 yards of offense, and one touchdown. The Packers registered nine sacks and probably should've had more.

But Sunday's opponent is on another level. Dak Prescott is an MVP candidate, having thrown for 4,516 yards, 36 touchdowns, and only nine interceptions. Star receiver CeeDee Lamb has a league-high 135 receptions for 1,749 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Nobody can blame Barry if the Packers don't dominate and hold the Cowboys below 20 points. The other team gets paid, too, and Dallas has an outstanding offense. But Barry needs to have a good plan for Lamb. The Cowboys will find ways to move the ball, but the Packers need to show some resistance. They can bend but can't afford to break too often in this game.

The Packers are trying to stay alive in the playoff race, but Barry may also be coaching for his job. It has been a disappointing season for Green Bay's defense. If they get embarrassed by the Cowboys' offense, Barry may be gone on Monday.

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