4 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat entering Week 15

Which Packers are on the hot seat in Week 15?
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2. Rich Bisaccia

Speaking of special teams, how about coordinator Rich Bisaccia being on the hot seat a little bit here? After the run he and the Raiders went on when he was named the interim head coach in place of Jon Gruden, Bisaccia understandably became one of the most sought-after special teams coaches in the NFL.

And Matt LaFleur made him the highest-paid special teams coordinator in the league to get him to Green Bay. There's nothing wrong with that, so long as your special teams are making a major difference in games...for the better.

Unfortunately, that hasn't exactly been the case as of late. Not only is rookie kicker Anders Carlson struggling, but the Packers aren't exactly excelling in the 'hidden yardage' department on special teams. They have brought in so many players specifically to play special teams -- Corey Ballentine, Zayne Anderson, Dallin Leavitt (who was unceremoniously cut), and Keisean Nixon -- but that unit is still struggling.

I think it's obvious that Bisaccia needs to be on the hot seat. Anytime you are one of the highest-paid assistant coaches in the league, not only is the microscope going to be on you, but so are high expectations. The Packers' special teams need to start making a bigger (positive) impact on games.