4 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat entering Week 15

Which Packers are on the hot seat in Week 15?
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3. Joe Barry

Although there had been a pretty clear resurgence from the defense over the Packers' recent stretch of success, I think Joe Barry's very limited time in the "circle of trust" has effectively expired. Packers fans have been calling for a replacement of Joe Barry basically all season (and probably longer than that, frankly), but the frustration is really boiling over at this point.

In a game you were favored to win, when the offense set you up with a lead late in the fourth quarter, you're telling me you couldn't stop Tommy DeVito?

The NFL really is "not for long" because plenty of people were singing the praises of this Packers defense after their work against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs just a couple of weeks ago. But when you can't follow that up by shutting down Tommy DeVito, it raises to question the legitimacy of even your best moments.

The Packers allowed over 200 rushing yards to the Giants and the defense might have prevented them from having any shot at winning this game if it wasn't for a bizarre Saquon Barkley fumble. The Packers have been getting absolutely shredded against the run in the last handful of weeks, allowing no fewer than 140 rushing yards in every game dating back to their loss to Pittsburgh on November 12.

Although his ineffectiveness may have been masked by the team winning enough games to get into the playoff mix, Joe Barry has to be on the hot seat entering this week's game against the Buccaneers.