4 Green Bay Packers on the hot seat entering Week 15

Which Packers are on the hot seat in Week 15?

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4. Keisean Nixon

The Green Bay Packers got some outstanding production out of Keisean Nixon last season, especially in the return game. But success in the return game can be fleeting year to year, and that has proven to be the case for Nixon in 2023.

After being named a first-team All-Pro return specialist in 2022, his punt return average is down from 12.7 yards per return to 7.4 yards per return, and he's got three fumbles this season already. And as he's gotten more work at the cornerback position, we haven't seen much success.

According to Pro Football Reference, Nixon has been targeted 69 times in coverage, and the results haven't been overly nice. He's allowed a whopping 76.8 percent of passes thrown his direction to be completed, and has been credited with allowing 453 yards in coverage. Although that's a pretty low yards per attempt into his coverage, the fact of the matter is, teams are picking on Nixon in that slot spot, and an upgrade is needed.

We've seen the Packers have to play him more out of necessity this season and we've also seen them do quite a bit of reshuffling on the back end of the roster at the defensive back positions, possibly looking for someone to swap for Nixon at some point.

Regardless, Nixon is on the hot seat after his performance against the Giants and really, this season as a whole.

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