2024 NFL 7-Round Mock Draft: Packers take playoff team to next level

How can the Green Bay Packers upgrade through the NFL Draft?
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Round 4 (120): Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane

I've been saying it since the 2023 offseason, but I think the Green Bay Packers need a better plan behind Jordan Love. As we saw this year, the team went on a playoff run. You mean to tell me the plan is to turn to Sean Clifford if Jordan Love ever has to miss time?

With all due respect to Clifford, the Packers can -- and should try to -- do better.

Michael Pratt is another intriguing name for Day 3 QB prospects and someone who could reasonably ascend to late Day 2. He's thrown 49 touchdowns over the last two seasons and just 10 interceptions, proving his accuracy and decision making. He's got the eye of the NFL scouting community.

Round 5 (166): Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky

Ray Davis has played a lot of college football but is coming off of his best season yet. He's going to be an older rookie at 24 but he's got three-down abilities and some really good moves in space.

He racked up 21 total touchdowns in 2023 for the Wildcats and a season-best 5.7 yards per carry. His abilities as a receiver and after the catch make me intrigued about the possibility of the Packers doubling up at running back in this draft.