5 Packers players who won't be here by Thanksgiving of 2024

Could these Packers be celebrating Thanksgiving elsewhere next season?
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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3. A.J. Dillon

The running back position could look very different in Green Bay next year. A.J. Dillon is a free agent and Aaron Jones is in the final year of his deal in 2024. Even then, if the Packers cut Jones, they could save roughly $5 million against the cap.

Let's circle back to Dillon, though, who has pretty much hit his ceiling in the NFL. At this point, we know what he is, and what he isn't. There is no reason the Packers should bring Dillon back next year, especially when they could find an upgrade even later in the draft. The running back position has become so easily replaceable, and Dillon offers the Packers nothing too special.

When he first entered the league, Dillon looked like he could eventually be a workhorse. His sheer strength was enough to impress. But, over time, Packer fans have watched as Dillon has been, well, just a guy. He's a 4-yards-per-carry type of running back who can't offer breakaway speed and has gotten worse in that category as his career has gone on.

Dillon may go on to get a gig elsewhere as a short yardage or backup type of back, but his time in Green Bay should be done. This team needs more electricity out of their skill positions.