5 potential replacements for Matt LaFleur in 2024

Could the Packers look to move on from Matt LaFleur next offseason?
Detroit Lions, Ben Johnson
Detroit Lions, Ben Johnson / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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At 2-4, the Green Bay Packers are seeing their season dwindle away slowly but surely. After a once-promising 2-1 start and seeing some positives out of quarterback Jordan Love, it's looking like Green Bay is closer to big changes this offseason rather than a playoff berth.

One of the biggest criticisms of late has been the decisions and coaching of Matt LaFleur. Did Aaron Rodgers do all of the work, making LaFleur look that good while he was in Green Bay?

Is it finally time to admit that LaFleur might not be cut out for this gig? A good portion of Packers fans believe that to be true.

If the team moves on in 2024, these candidates could have a real shot at replacing LaFleur.

1. Josh McCown, Quarterbacks Coach, Carolina Panthers

First and foremost, let's establish the facts. Green Bay has lost three in a row and has scored 20 points or less in four straight. The most logical type of replacement for LaFleur is an offensive mind. After all, that's where the league has been trending recently, for the most part.

Josh McCown is the only under-the-radar type on this list, but he's also deserving. McCown spent 18 years in the NFL, starting 76 games and being one of the better backups for much of his time in the league.

Now with the Panthers, it might not take long for McCown to get his shot. He's known as one of the smartest guys in any locker room he's played in, along with being an excellent leader and teammate. He understands the game. He understands players. Most importantly, he understands where the league is trending.

McCown could be a wild card type of hire, but many believe he'll eventually work his way into a head coaching position.