4 upcoming free agents the Packers should let walk in 2024

Let's look ahead at some decisions Green Bay has to make.
Green Bay Packers, A.J. Dillon
Green Bay Packers, A.J. Dillon / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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3. A.J. Dillon, RB

We have talked extensively about A.J. Dillon as a player the Packers don't need to bring back. The 2020 second-round pick definitely gave Green Bay some usage over his time here, and much of that usage looked just as the Packers wanted it to. He's operated as a very good short yardage back but has also given the Packers a receiving option at times.

This year, though, Dillon has looked like he's taken a step back. In the absence of Aaron Jones, Dillon has yet to take full advantage. In fact, last week was the first week he's had a consistently good performance all year.

Dillon is victim of playing a position that is highly replaceable, too, unfortunately. There are countless running backs who have even gone undrafted and now hold significant spots on rosters all over the league. The idea of paying Dillon while also owing Jones some money, still, is not ideal. It would be a foolish move for the Packers to pay him.

Instead, Green Bay might actually need to completely revamp their running back room if Jones' health continues to be an issue. Finding a Dillon replacement is one thing, but who knows... maybe the Packers have to find a couple of new backs in 2024.