Jets have already doomed Aaron Rodgers in a way Packers never would

What in the world are the Jets doing?
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

To say things have not gone according to plan between Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets would be a massive understatement. The grass is always greener, isn't it?

After a multi-year feud between Rodgers and the Packers that ended in the future Hall of Famer being traded away to the New York Jets, Rodgers was seemingly given all he wanted as a member of the Jets. He commented last offseason about how much fun he was having, until he wasn't having fun anymore. Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury in the Jets' season opener against the Buffalo Bills, and now the entire fan base is having to rekindle optimism for year two.

And Rodgers is now 40 going on 41, coming off of an Achilles injury, and there is reportedly a chance he could usurp his pal Nathaniel Hackett as the unofficial offensive coordinator of the Jets this season.

Excuse me?

Jets reportedly made attempts to replace former Packers coach Nathaniel Hackett

According to Connor Hughes of SNY in New York, the Jets made "legitimate attempts" this offseason to hire someone who would essentially replace Nathaniel Hackett.

"Not as a new offensive coordinator, but a title above who would run the show. The Jets had enough things they needed to address this offseason without replacing areas they're content with. That pursuit tells me, internally, there are legitimate concerns with Hackett's ability to successfully run things.

It almost feels like the Jets are putting so much faith in Aaron Rodgers' ability to correct Hackett's wrongdoings. Sources spoke of many, many times last summer where Hackett called a play, then Rodgers changed it completely at the line. They figure he can do the same come the regular season."

Connor Hughes, SNY

Giving the quarterback the ability to make changes at the line of scrimmage is not new to the NFL. Giving legendary quarterbacks full reign at the line of scrimmage is certainly not new, either, especially if you ever watched Peyton Manning. But giving the quarterback autonomy over the offensive coordinator? Well, that's pretty rare, and it's not exactly setting up Aaron Rodgers for success.

Especially in his later years with the Packers, nothing was ever Rodgers' fault. The narratives were always surrounding the front office not listening to him or not consulting him on certain moves, and the Packers basically became a meme for not drafting offensive skill players in the first round (until Jordan Love, that is). It was always something with Rodgers, but now he wants the weight of the entire offense on his shoulders?

Matt LaFleur needs another raise.

The structure of this setup is a disaster waiting to happen. The New York Jets have such a well-constructed roster. It's way too well-constructed for them to just allow Rodgers to control everything. There is a reason why offensive coordinators are in place. Rodgers can be a coach on the field without being the offensive coordinator.

The only guy who's ever successfully done that is Peyton Manning. Jets fans know all too well the fact that Adam Gase had very little to do with Manning's success in Denver. But even at the end of his career, Manning was running Gary Kubiak's offense.

Hackett was disastrous in his first year in Denver as an NFL head coach, but many felt like Russell Wilson was the bigger problem. I guess the New York Jets have found out.

Now, they're looking at another potential wasted season and more controversy surrounding the offense, the play calling, Rodgers, Hackett -- all of it. The Jets are setting Rodgers up to fail in a way the Packers never would, lack of offensive skill picks in the first round and all.

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