Jordan Love must improve this one metric if he is going to reach stardom in 2024

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Overall, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love's first season as the full-time starter was a success.

Love led the Packers to a 9-8 record, a postseason win over the favored Dallas Cowboys, and was able to solidify his status as Green Bay's starter moving forward. While all of this is encouraging, there is one area in particular that needs to be improved upon.


On the surface, this seems like an incorrect assessment of Love's season, and if the kneejerk reaction here is the same, no one would blame you, considering he completed 64.2% of his passes during his first year as a starter.

Packers need Jordan Love to improve his accuracy in 2024

However, it is the nature of his passes that fell incomplete that is a little bit concerning. According to Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis, 36.2% of Love's incompletions last year were due to inaccurate passes. This was the sixth-highest rate of incompletions via inaccuracy in the NFL last season.

When evaluating the group of quarterbacks Love finds himself in here, this is mostly a group that nobody wants to be in. Deshaun Watson has been a disaster in Cleveland, Tyrod Taylor and Trevor Siemian are career backups, and Bryce Young was a rookie. Lamar Jackson is clearly the best quarterback of this group, but even he has issues when it comes to his accuracy as he is prone to some very ugly pass attempts, even with a 67.2 completion percentage last season.

The good news for Love here is that he has a fraction of career pass attempts to his name when comparing him to all but one of the above-mentioned quarterbacks (Young).

As time goes on and as he becomes more and more comfortable with being the Packers' starting quarterback, he should be able to improve on his inaccurate passes, which should lead Green Bay back atop the NFC North, deep into the postseason, and maybe even help achieve their ultimate goal.

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