Kenny Clark blockbuster and 4 other trades Packers can't refuse in 2024 NFL Draft

Green Bay Packers, Kenny Clark
Green Bay Packers, Kenny Clark / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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2. Packers trade Christian Watson to Steelers

Packers - Steelers trade

If the Packers can get a second-round pick for Christian Watson, should they take that offer? As of right now, the going rate for receivers has not been overly friendly to the teams trading them away. Every situation is different, so you can't compare apples to oranges, but the Denver Broncos just got a fifth and sixth this offseason for Jerry Jeudy. The Chargers got a fourth for Keenan Allen. The Buffalo Bills got a future second for Stefon Diggs.

If the Packers get offered a second-round pick for Christian Watson, that might be too intriguing of an offer to turn down.

Watson is two years into his NFL career, and while he's shown huge potential with 12 touchdown catches, he might not be the type of WR1 the Packers need for their offense. And if there is value to be preserved here, the Packers could take it and run.

A team like the Steelers probably really liked Watson in the 2022 NFL Draft. They always covet receiver prospects with size and athleticism. After bringing in both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields this offseason, the Steelers might prefer someone like Watson to other big-body receivers in this year's draft, because the guys available at pick 51 overall aren't likely to have his overall athletic traits.