Kenny Clark blockbuster and 4 other trades Packers can't refuse in 2024 NFL Draft

Green Bay Packers, Kenny Clark
Green Bay Packers, Kenny Clark / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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3. Packers trade No. 41 for future first-rounder

Packers - Cowboys trade

The Packers might have to send a team like Dallas another mid-to-late-round pick on top of this, but generally speaking, if you are getting offered a first-round pick in a future draft for a second-round pick in the current draft, you should take that deal.

It's not something you see happen often, but this would be an instance of a team like the Cowboys basically "buying" a pick to select a specific player. The Cowboys are a team that happens to have a wide variety of urgent needs at the present moment, and they are running out of time in their current window with Dak Prescott at the QB position.

Let's say the Cowboys get themselves a receiver in round one. They can't exactly wait until the later portion of round two to hope a starting-caliber left tackle prospect falls to them. Not when they're picking that low.

At a minimum, trading that 41st pick for a 2025 first-round pick is a minimum jump of nine spots in the draft (albeit a year apart) and the Packers still have another selection in round two (58th overall). If they can get a 2025 first-round pick from anyone in exchange for that 41st overall selection, they should probably hit send on the deal.