New York media is already turning on Aaron Rodgers after skipping minicamp

Things are getting dicey for Aaron Rodgers in New York.
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The New York media is calling out the hypocrisy of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was a no-show at the team's mandatory minicamp, a decision which head coach Robert Saleh said was "important" to Rodgers.

At this point, nobody knows exactly where Rodgers has been or what he's been doing, but the vicious New York media is pulling up receipts from earlier this year regarding something Rodgers said that is now seemingly coming back to bite him.

On January 8, Rodgers was quoted as saying:

"The bulls--t that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building," said Rodgers.

Some people on Twitter/X have joked that Rodgers took his own statement too literally by removing himself from the building. All kidding aside, there's a legitimate outrage from the New York media over Rodgers skipping mandatory minicamp at such a critical juncture for this franchise.

New York media harshly reacts to former Packers QB Aaron Rodgers skipping minicamp

Between this and rumors of Rodgers possibly being a VP candidate this offseason, it's clear that he's not interested in practicing what he's preaching.

Or maybe he's just not interested in practicing.

Whatever the case, Rodgers's unexcused absence is a really bad look for him. Nobody knows the full context of why he's missing other than the fact that it's something that's "important" to Rodgers. He's become known for going off to do his darkness retreats and things of that nature in recent years, and to each their own. But with mandatory minicamps around the league only lasting a couple of days, Rodgers coming off of a major injury, being in the twilight of his NFL career, and team chemistry of the utmost importance?

It just feels like this is yet another example of Rodgers selfishly putting himself before the team. And when it comes time for someone to fall on the sword, if it comes to that, is Rodgers going to be the one to make that sacrifice? Or will he simply just keep on blaming other people as he has for roughly the last five years?

Meanwhile, Jordan Love is leading the Green Bay Packers well. It's no longer a "devil you know vs. devil you don't" kind of situation in Green Bay. Love has emerged as one of the top young quarterbacks in the league, and the schtick with Rodgers is something Packers fans can be grateful they're no longer dealing with.

You can sip your coffee or tea and take a relaxing breath knowing that Rodgers is causing unrest somewhere else.

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