NFL Draft Rumors: Packers could get involved in Michael Penix Jr. trade

Michael Penix Jr.
Michael Penix Jr. / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers don't need a quarterback, but they could play a significant role in a potential draft-day trade for Washington's Michael Penix Jr.

With 11 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Packers are in the perfect position to trade up. However, we shouldn't rule out the possibility of moving down to acquire additional picks, especially if a team is desperate to get back into the first round.

Several teams are in the quarterback market. As many as five could go in the top 15, but others will miss out on the top prospects. One potential solution is trading back into the first round to land a quarterback, giving a team the additional flexibility of the fifth-year option.

The Packers are well-positioned to cash in should a team look to get back into the opening round.

Packers could be a trade partner for team aiming to draft Michael Penix Jr.

NFL insider Peter Schrager is worth listening to. He correctly predicted the Packers' interest in Quay Walker two years ago, and his latest update could impact Green Bay. As a guest on The Dan Patrick Show, Schrager spoke about the possibility of a team picking early on Day 2 moving back into the first round for Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr.

"Teams that are in the late 20s or teams that have potential quarterback needs who said they would expect there would be a trade-up into the first round if he falls out of the top 20," said Schrager. "He's not going to fall to Day 2."

Schrager named the Las Vegas Raiders and Seattle Seahawks two teams to watch for Penix Jr.

The Packers hold the No. 25 pick, which could be an ideal destination for a trading team to move up to. Las Vegas picks at No. 44. Green Bay would likely land at least the Raiders' third-round selection as compensation, and likely more. Seattle doesn't pick in the second round, so it likely wouldn't be able to jump back into the first without using future draft capital.

Green Bay may prefer to stick at No. 25 or even trade up if it has a top target in mind. But if Brian Gutekunst believes there is more value on Day 2 of the draft, moving down the board makes a lot of sense.

The Packers could add more Day 2 draft capital, giving them plenty of opportunities to stock up on talent at cornerback, safety, linebacker, and along the offensive line.

Green Bay has the luxury of having its franchise quarterback and picking 11 times in the draft. The Packers don't need to trade down. But if a team wants to move up for Penix, Gutekunst could land a great deal.

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