Packers draft picks in 2024, 2025 & Beyond: Full list

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The Green Bay Packers build through the draft. They rarely spend big in free agency, relying on drafting and developing talent to maintain a healthy salary cap while competing for championships.

Green Bay accelerated its rebuild without Aaron Rodgers by hitting a home run in last year's draft. General manager Brian Gutekunst found instant contributors on all three days, using the Packers' 13 selections to maximum effect.

The Packers reached the divisional round in their first year without Rodgers, and they have a lot of draft capital to continue their rise in the NFC. Let's take a closer look at the Packers' draft picks this year and beyond.

Packers draft picks 2024

The Packers have 11 selections in the 2024 NFL Draft. Along with six of their own picks, they have received two via trade and three compensatory picks. Here are their picks in each round:






Jordan Morgan, T, Arizona



Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M



Javon Bullard, S, Georgia



MarShawn Lloyd, RB, USC



Ty'Ron Hopper, LB, Missouri



Evan Williams, S, Oregon



Jacob Monk, OL, Duke



Kitan Oladapo, S, Oregon State



Travis Glover, T, Georgia State



Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane



Kalen King, CB, Penn State

The No. 41 pick comes from the New York Jets in the Aaron Rodgers trade, and the No. 91 selection is from the Buffalo Bills in the Rasul Douglas deal.

Green Bay enters the 2024 NFL Draft with three top-100 selections, which is significant.

"It gives us flexibility. Whether it's staying and picking, trading, moving around, maybe trading those picks for veteran players," said Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst.

The Packers can either land five top-100 prospects or use those picks to move around the draft board. It puts Green Bay in an excellent position entering the draft.

Will Packers receive any compensatory picks in 2024 NFL Draft?

The Packers received three compensatory draft picks in 2024. Those additonal picks are in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds. Here's what they received:

  • Round 5 (168 overall)
  • Round 6 (219)
  • Round 7 (255)

These picks compensate teams for losing talent in the previous year's free agency period. The Packers lost several starters but didn't spend much money in 2023. This year's compensatory picks are likely as a result of losing Allen Lazard, Jarran Reed, and Dean Lowry last year.

Have the Packers ever picked 25th overall before?

The Packers have only selected 25th overall in the NFL Draft six times in their history. The last time was when they picked Ahmad Carroll in 2004. Here are their previous selections at No. 25:

  • 1936: Bernie Scherer, E
  • 1949: Lou Ferry, DT
  • 1959: Boyd Dowler, FL
  • 1967: Don Horn, QB
  • 1999: Antuan Edwards, DB
  • 2004: Ahmad Carroll, DB

They have only selected 25th once this century. The picks of Scherer, Ferry, and Dowler were third-rounders, as the league had 12 or fewer teams in those seasons. Green Bay has only selected 25th overall in the first round on three occasions.

The Packers are scheduled to pick 25th in the first round this year, but they could decide to trade the selection. If they stick at their current position, there's a good chance they will select one of the top defensive backs in the class—cornerback and safety are positions of need. They used their previous two picks at No. 25 on defensive backs.

Recent history of 25th overall pick in NFL Draft

The past decade proves it's possible to find star players with the 25th overall pick. Several All-Pros have been selected at this stage of the draft. Here are the past 10 prospects to go 25th in the draft:

  • 2023: Dalton Kincaid, TE, Bills
  • 2022: Tyler Linderbaum, C, Ravens
  • 2021: Travis Etienne, RB, Jaguars
  • 2020: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, 49ers
  • 2019: Marquise Brown, WR, Ravens
  • 2018: Hayden Hurst, TE, Ravens
  • 2017: Jabrill Peppers, S, Browns
  • 2016: Artie Burns, CB, Steelers
  • 2015: Shaq Thompson, LB, Panthers
  • 2014: Jason Verrett, CB, Chargers

Kincaid had an excellent rookie season with the Bills, putting up 673 yards and two touchdowns. Linderbaum is a Pro Bowler, while Aiyuk is an All-Pro and star receiver for the 49ers. Recent history shows that All-Pro talent often falls to the 25th overall pick, which is good news for the Packers.

When will the Packers host the NFL Draft?

Green Bay will host the 2025 NFL Draft. According to, the draft will be hosted "inside and around" Lambeau Field. It should make for a unique and memorable draft.

The 2025 NFL Draft will take place from April 24-26, 2025. It will be great for the Green Bay community and give Packers fans a rare opportunity to watch their team draft players at Lambeau Field.

"The Packers have a rich and proud history that goes back to the early days of the NFL and are the only community owned team. That connection to our League's heritage combined with the great passion Packers fans will bring will make the Draft a memorable event for those in attendance and NFL fans watching around the world," said Packers president Mark Murphy.

Packers draft picks in 2025

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

As things stand, the Packers own all their original selections in the 2025 NFL Draft. They have yet to make any trades, and it's too early to project if they will receive any compensatory picks. This draft is notable because the Packers will make their selections in front of their hometown fans in Green Bay.

Hopefully, the fans will have to wait until No. 32 to see the Packers make their first choice. It's possible.

Packers draft picks in 2026

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

Similarly, the Packers still have all of their original selections in the 2026 NFL Draft. The location for this draft hasn't been announced.

Green Bay could land multiple compensatory draft picks in 2026. Kenny Clark, Aaron Jones, Eric Stokes, and Josh Myers are among the Packers' free agents in 2025. If they sign elsewhere, the Packers may receive additional picks a year later in 2026.

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