2024 NFL Draft tracker: Grading every Green Bay Packers pick and trade

Green Bay Packers
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For a draft-and-develop team like the Green Bay Packers, this is one of the most important weekends of the year.

The Packers came away from last year's draft hoping for a quick rebuild, but few could've expected how soon they would become contenders with Jordan Love. Green Bay fell just short of a place in the NFC Championship Game, pushing the San Francisco 49ers all the way. Now, they return to the draft, hoping to reach the next level.

Green Bay enters the draft with 11 selections, but it could trade its way to more or less picks.

The aim? Improve the roster wherever possible. The Packers already have a talented team with huge potential, but they can consider it a successful draft if they can upgrade their offensive line depth, find starters at safety and linebacker, and provide more competition at cornerback. It will be fascinating to see the Packers' approach in the days ahead. Will they focus on their biggest areas of need or focus on adding value, regardless of position?

The Packers lost starters David Bakhtiari, Aaron Jones, De'Vondre Campbell, Jon Runyan Jr., Darnell Savage, Jonathan Owens, and Josiah Degura in free agency. They brought in Josh Jacobs, Xavier McKinney, Greg Joseph, and Andre Dillard.

Jacobs and McKinney are stars, but the Packers lost depth at multiple positions in free agency. Picking 11 times in the draft can help address that.

Throughout the draft, we will be grading every Packers pick and trade below.

Packers 2024 NFL Draft tracker: Grades for every pick and trade

Round 1 (25): Jordan Morgan, T, Arizona: B

It's not a flashy pick, and the fans will be understandably frustrated because Cooper DeJean was still on the board. But Morgan is a classic Packers pick. He has everything they look for along the offensive line: Athleticism, positional versatility, and elite pass-protecting potential. It's a great pick for Jordan Love.

Here's the list of the Packers' remaining picks in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Round 2: TRADE with Saints: C

Packers-Saints trade

One pick after the Eagles broke our hearts by selecting Cooper DeJean, the Packers moved down four spots, acquring picks No. 168 and No. 190 from the Saints. It's smart business from Green Bay, but it missed an opportunity to move up for DeJean and then passed on Kool-Aid McKinstry. That's tough.

Round 2 (45): Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M: A

The Packers get the linebacker they desperately needed. While losing out on Cooper DeJean was tough, they add a difference-maker on defense with Edgerrin Cooper. He is an outstanding athlete, can defend the run, cover, and gets sacks as a blitzer. Jeff Hafley has a three-down playmaker joining his defense.

Round 2 (58): Javon Bullard, S, Georgia: A

Yes! The Packers add another Georgia Bulldog to the defense, and Brian Gutekunst finds the versatile piece in the secondary he was looking for. Bullard can provide competition for Keisean Nixon in the slot or line up alongside Xavier McKinney at safety. A lot to like about this pick.

Round 3 (88): MarShawn Lloyd, RB, USC: A

Another home-run pick by the Packers. MarShawn Lloyd is arguably the best running back in the class. He adds athleticism and game-changing speed to Green Bay's backfield. Lloyd is a three-down back and can make a difference as a receiver. He is an ideal replacement for Aaron Jones and a perfect complement to Josh Jacobs.

Round 3 (91): Ty'Ron Hopper, LB, Missouri: C

This feels like a classic, "We've got to trust Gutey" pick. The Packers drafting for need when other players, like cornerback T.J. Tampa, were on the board doesn't feel like the best idea. However, Hopper is a talented player who adds much-needed depth at linebacker and can contribute on special teams.

Round 4: TRADE with Jets: A

Packers-Jets deal

Well, it wouldn't be the NFL Draft without the Packers fleecing the Jets. Green Bay moved up 15 spots and gave up basically nothing. A great move.

Round 4 (111): Evan Williams, S, Oregon: C

It's a surprise to see Evan Williams go this early, but he is another versatile defensive back who can play safety or slot corner. The Packers continue to focus on the middle of their defense. Williams is an excellent athlete and fits what the Packers look for.

Round 5: TRADE with Bills: B

Packers-Bills trade

No complaints here. It's good to see Brian Gutekunst actively moving up for his targets. A low-risk move to help Green Bay jump five spots.

Round 5 (163): Jacob Monk, C, Duke: A

Classic, classic Packers move. Jacob Monk is another incredible athlete with positional versatility. He spent time at center, guard, and tackle in college. The Packers have listed him as a center, where he provides competition for Josh Myers.

Round 5 (169): Kitan Oladapo, S, Oregon State: B

Gutekunst loves to double and triple down at positions of need. Kitan Oladapo adds more depth at safety along with Javon Bullard and Evan Williams, and he can contribute on special teams.

Round 6 (201): Travis Glover, T, Georgia State: B

One of the only Packers picks not to earn an elite RAS, but Travis Glover was a Senior Bowl participant and has experience at multiple offensive line spots. Green Bay adds competition and depth.

Round 7 (245): Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane: A

Smart late-round pick. Brian Gutekunst said he wanted to keep drafting quarterbacks to develop, and he's done exactly that. He was projected to go much earlier than this. Green Bay gets great value and competition for the backup job with Sean Clifford.

Round 7 (255): Kalen King, CB, Penn State: A

Love the value here. While Kalen King doesn't meet the Packers' athleticism thresholds, they are betting on his potential with their final pick.

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