7 free agents who would love to play with Jeff Hafley, Packers in 2024

Which free-agent defensive players would love to play for the new Packers DC in 2024?
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The Green Bay Packers have done away with defensive coordinator Joe Barry, bringing in former Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley to take his place. Hafley's much more aggressive style of defense will be a refreshing change of pace in Green Bay and could be attractive to prospective free agents.

The Packers aren't typically the most active NFL team when it comes to free agency, but if you're making a bold change like this one at defensive coordinator, it typically comes with a decent amount of personnel change.

And Hafley knows a lot of guys around the league, especially some notable free agents. Let's take a look at a handful of free agents who would probably love to play for Green Bay's new defensive coordinator.

1. Jordan Fuller, safety

Immediately, you've got to start tapping into some old connections. Pull out the Rolodex, Jeff Hafley, and get to recruiting again. Hafley was known for his ability to recruit at the collegiate level and might find it a little easier at the NFL level with some of the guys he's already worked with in the past.

Namely, one option that could be a great fit for Hafley and the Packers is free-agent safety Jordan Fuller, who has been an underrated player for the last handful of years for the Los Angeles Rams. Fuller had 94 tackles and three interceptions this past year for the Rams and knows Hafley from their time crossing paths with the Ohio State Buckeyes program back in 2019.

With Jonathan Owens, Rudy Ford, and Darnell Savage slated for free agency, we could see Fuller make the move back into Big Ten country with a familiar face calling plays for him.