NFL Mock Draft: Packers hit home run with blockbuster trade for top QB prospect

Will the Green Bay Packers make a Lambeau Leap up the 2024 NFL Draft board?
Green Bay Packers
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Round 2 (39): Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona

For the time being, mock draft simulators still allow you to be able to draft Arizona offensive tackle Jordan Morgan, so I'm not going to pass that up for the sake of this exercise.

The Green Bay Packers absolutely need to look into offensive line help early on in the 2024 NFL Draft, and that would be regardless of what happens at the quarterback position. The Packers have obviously had to make adjustments this season with David Bakhtiari once again struggling with injuries, and the 2024 offseason might be the time to finally move on from the longtime starting left tackle.

Grading on a curve, 2022 seventh-round pick Rasheed Walker has played quite well at the left tackle spot. He's a good seventh-round pick, but is he a starting left tackle in this league? Those are two different distinctions at this point.

Broncos pass rusher Baron Browning -- playing in his first game of 2023 -- made life difficult for Walker on Sunday.

The Packers have done a good job of identifying talent on both sides of the ball, and they've found some gems on the offensive line, but are those guys just good when grading on a curve, or are they actually good? Are they longer-term options?

I think an offensive tackle like Jordan Morgan in round two would be huge for this Green Bay roster.