NFL Mock Draft: Packers hit home run with blockbuster trade for top QB prospect

Will the Green Bay Packers make a Lambeau Leap up the 2024 NFL Draft board?
Green Bay Packers
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Round 3 (71): Blake Corum, RB, Michigan

This pick would complete arguably the draft to end all drafts for the Green Bay Packers. In this scenario, you're coming away with Drake Maye as your franchise QB, Jordan Morgan as a possible fixture at the left tackle position, and you're replacing AJ Dillon with Blake Corum in round three.

It might not get any better than that, right?

Obviously, there are other needs the Packers could look to address, but here's what Pro Football Network has to say about his NFL projection as of right now:

"Nevertheless, as a Day 2 back who might fall to Day 3 on account of his size and age, Corum can be a great NFL rotational back right out of the gate, and he has the necessary athleticism, vision, spatial manipulation, density, and physicality to take on starter volume if necessary."

Pro Football Network

Seems like that could make him the ideal AJ Dillon replacement, right? The Packers would be getting themselves set up really nicely on offense with this kind of haul in the 2024 NFL Draft. Obviously, it might seem like a crazy scenario to trade up, but thanks to the Aaron Rodgers trade, even just that one additional pick can give the Packers the type of ammunition to move up if the situation looks good for the team on the other end of the trade.


Now, you'll have to get lucky and hope that you are the highest bidder and that the team picking second overall doesn't want a QB, but you just never know in today's NFL. This would set the Packers up really well for the future.

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