NFL Rumors: 3 Jaire Alexander trade packages Packers can't refuse

Would the Packers be able to turn down these offers for star corner Jaire Alexander?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Jaire Alexander to the Philadelphia Eagles

Jaire Eagles trade

I don't think Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman ever saw a trade idea he didn't like.

Roseman is one of the most aggressive general managers in the league, and it has worked out exceptionally well for him. He not only has made a lot of moves, but he's made a lot of really good moves. Roseman's aggressiveness has given the Eagles multiple title-contending teams within a very short window of time. This team won a Super Bowl in 2017 and returned to the Super Bowl in 2022-23 with a significantly different roster.

And Roseman has always done exceptionally well in the trade department. Could he make Brian Gutekunst an offer for Jaire Alexander that he can't refuse?

Unlike the projected trade with the Dolphins, this Eagles deal doesn't give the Packers a player back in a trade, but they might prefer the draft pick anyway. Trading Jaire Alexander provides some financial relief, they've got a deep group of corners with Eric Stokes coming back, and this kind of NFL Draft capital gives you such flexibility in the offseason.

Yes, it comes at the expense of a player like Jaire Alexander, but the Packers might be able to turn those draft picks into their true QB1 for the future if Jordan Love doesn't turn things around and prove to be the guy quickly.