NFL Rumors: 3 Jaire Alexander trade packages Packers can't refuse

Would the Packers be able to turn down these offers for star corner Jaire Alexander?
Green Bay Packers
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3. Jaire Alexander to the Buffalo Bills

Jaire Bills trade

One team that might be poised to make a bold move at the cornerback position if the right guy becomes available is the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills are clearly struggling early this season. They have some convincing wins but they have also put together some major dud performances, even in victory at times. One of their biggest issues right now is the fact that star cornerback Tre'Davious White is out for the season. Could the Packers send Jaire Alexander to the Bills in a potential blockbuster deal?

What would that deal have to look like?

How about multiple first-round picks plus the Bills' 2022 first-round pick, Kaiir Elam?

That could end up being a risk worth taking for the Packers. Obviously, you're giving up a known asset for some more unknown assets, but Kaiir Elam has tremendous athleticism and upside, and the idea of getting multiple additional first-round picks in the mix is enticing. Green Bay has done exceptionally well in the NFL Draft since Brian Gutekunst became the team's general manager, and their player development has been great as well.

Maybe they would view Elam as a player they could get the most out of, and those first-round picks could be huge for building out the rest of the roster moving forward.


Ultimately, trading Jaire Alexander is a far-fetched idea and the Packers would probably have to lose against both the Broncos and Vikings to even consider great offers like these, but you just never know in the NFL when the stars will align. Now might be the right time for Green Bay to add these big-time assets.

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