Packers: 10 worst draft picks of Brian Gutekunst era

  • A former second-round pick
  • Jordan Love one of Gutekunst's worst?
  • Drafting a long snapper
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8. Hunter Bradley, LS, Mississippi State (7th round, 2018)

Who drafts a long snapper? With all due respect to Hunter Bradley, who undoubtedly worked hard to get to the point he was at in 2018 when he was drafted by the Packers, you just simply don't see long snappers get picked.

Even though they play a position that is mission critical, you will typically see teams invest in this position after the NFL Draft. The Green Bay Packers and GM Brian Gutekunst obviously felt like Bradley was the long snapper they couldn't live without, so they selected him in the 7th round back in 2018.

And Bradley lasted through his rookie contract with the team. He competed on the offseason roster with the Cardinals in 2022 and is now a free agent.

7. Sean Rhyan, OL, UCLA (3rd round, 2022)

I can't fault Brian Gutekunst for drafting players in the trenches. It's a strategy that has paid off well for him in the past, so I like the process here. But at some point, there's got to be a little bit of overkill especially when you are passing on other players that could help your roster.

The Packers could have taken a shot on Matt Corral, who could have been an interesting backup option to Jordan Love this coming year. They could have taken running back Dameon Pierce, who ended up having a huge year as a rookie for the Texans. They could have taken Tariq Woolen, who became a steal for the Seahawks.

It's not just about taking the best players who went later in the draft, either. When are the Packers going to get a contribution out of Sean Rhyan? We're only one year into his career, so we'll find out, but when you use a top 100 pick on a guy, that guy's got to play.