3 Packers players who could be traded before Week 1

Which players could the Packers trade away before the regular season?
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2. David Bakhtiari

The Packers are unlikely to shop David Bakhtiari this summer, but what if another contending team makes an offer they can't refuse?

Green Bay's decision not to draft a tackle is perhaps an indication it plans to move forward with Bakthiari. However, if another team makes a strong offer, the Packers would have to seriously consider their long-term options.

Bakhtiari only has two seasons remaining on his contract. His cap hit rises to $40.47 million in the final year of the deal. The Packers could extend his contract to lower the cap hit, or they could release him next offseason.

The Packers must think about whether Bakhtiari fits into their long-term plans. If they believe he can continue to play at a high level for several more seasons, a new contract makes the most sense. But if the plan is to move on in 2024, picking up the phone to trade offers now is the way to go.

Trading Bakhtiari would reduce the 2024 salary cap pain, and the Packers would add future draft capital.

Again, the Packers have made no indication they plan to trade their All-Pro tackle. But what if a team like the Kansas City Chiefs offered a second-round pick? Who says no?