3 problems Packers need to fix entering Week 3 vs. Saints

  • Run game must get going
  • Consistent threat in the passing game?
  • Where can defense improve?

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It's never easy to lose a close game on the road that you probably should have won. But the Green Bay Packers need to have a short memory after getting beat in Atlanta on a late comeback by the Falcons. The Packers undoubtedly still look like a team that can contend for the NFC North, but they've got to fix some issues quickly.

After a dominating performance against the Chicago Bears in Week 1, it didn't look like they'd have much to really figure out -- just keep things going. But Week 2 against the Falcons, a really good offense with dynamic weapons may have exposed some things about the Packers. And these are fixable issues for a team with so much talent.

But what, specifically, needs to be addressed? Let's break it down.

3 things the Green Bay Packers must fix after Week 2 loss to Falcons

1. The running game needs to get going ASAP

For an offense with so many young players, including the quarterback, a strong running game will be essential to lean on throughout the season. The Packers lost the ball control battle in this game due largely to the fact that they weren't running the ball well. AJ Dillon led the team with 55 yards on 15 carries, an average of just 3.7 yards per carry.

Behind him, the Packers couldn't really rely on Emanuel Wilson, who carried the ball three times for just five yards. Having Aaron Jones healthy will certainly help, and likely erase this issue, but you've got to be able to have games where he doesn't play and the running game is able to keep trucking along. You expect a player like AJ Dillon to really be able to step into that featured back role, and we didn't see that against the Falcons.