3 problems Packers need to fix entering Week 3 vs. Saints

  • Run game must get going
  • Consistent threat in the passing game?
  • Where can defense improve?

Green Bay Packers
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2. A consistent threat in the passing game must emerge

The Packers are definitely feeling the absence of Christian Watson at this point. We saw some big plays in the passing game in Week 1 against the Bears, but the biggest one came from Aaron Jones and that's not something you can consistently rely on.

Romeo Doubs made some exceptional plays against Chicago, but where is the consistency from him when it comes to eating up targets? We're just not seeing it. He was only targeted three times all game against Atlanta.

It was rookie Jayden Reed who ended up leading the way for the Packers with eight targets, but those attempts to manufacture touches for Reed were a mixed bag. He had the two touchdowns -- which you will undoubtedly live with -- but only four receptions on eight targets.

For the go-to threat in your passing game to only be bringing in 50 percent of targets? That's not sustainable long-term.

Someone else besides Reed is going to have to step up in the absence of Watson, whether it's now or throughout the course of the season. Watson might not be able to play every single game after he comes back. He might have to miss time again, and in that case, someone is going to need to emerge as a true go-to option.

Hopefully, as the season goes along, that can end up being Jayden Reed.