3 problems Packers need to fix entering Week 3 vs. Saints

  • Run game must get going
  • Consistent threat in the passing game?
  • Where can defense improve?

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3. Packers defense needs to get off the field quicker

There were a couple of pretty rough stats from this game against the Falcons for the Green Bay Packers defense, who dominated time of possession throughout the course of the game. The Falcons had the ball for 36:15 compared to the Packers only having it for 23:45.

The Falcons were 6-of-15 converting third downs in this game, which contributed heavily to that time of possession figure, but they also converted 3-of-4 fourth-down attempts. So even when the Packers' defense came up with a stop they desperately needed, the Falcons were able to extend drives 9-of-15 times.

That's simply unacceptable, especially when you have the stellar talent up front like the Packers have.

Needless to say, against the Saints in Week 3, the Packers are going to need to find a way to get off the field defensively so that side of the ball isn't getting absolutely worn down throughout the course of the game. Any defense is going to get tired when they're on the field that much.


And the Falcons had their way with 446 total yards in the game and over 200 yards rushing, most of which came from Bijan Robinson.

Green Bay's pass rush is undoubtedly elite, and one of the best units in the NFL, but you've got to stop the run on first and second down to put that pass rush into more favorable situations. Getting off the field will be key to beating a good defensive team like the Saints in Week 3.

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