3 reasons Packers will beat Bears, 2 reasons they lose

What are the Green Bay Packers' biggest advantages over the Chicago Bears in Week 1?

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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Packers will lose if DJ Moore goes off

One thing the Green Bay Packers really can't afford if they want to come away from Sunday's game in Chicago with a win? They can't let DJ Moore go off.

Moore was the biggest acquisition made by the Chicago Bears in the 2023 offseason as they made it a priority to appropriately surround Justin Fields with talent. They moved off of the top overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to get Moore from the Panthers, and anyone who has ever watched him play can understand why.

Moore is tremendous after the catch, and one of the best receivers in the league when it comes to creating offense. He can eat a high volume of targets, and the Bears will manufacture touches for him. It's obviously going to be a challenge for the Packers to contain him, but if he gets on a roll, it could be a tough day for the Green Bay defense.

Packers will win because their offensive line will dominate

Although the Chicago Bears made a number of moves to upgrade their defensive front in 2023, I don't think that Bears defensive front is going to hold a candle to the Packers' offensive line. Green Bay's offensive line is one of this roster's biggest strengths when everyone is healthy, and I think we're going to see them impose their will on Sunday afternoon.


The Packers will undoubtedly look to establish the ground game with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon early on, and as they do that, I think they'll win the battle in the trenches and the Green Bay offensive line will have its way with the Bears.

If that ends up being the case, the Packers should be able to win this game whether it's high-scoring or low-scoring.

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