3 weakest position groups on Packers roster in 2023

Which position groups are the weakest in Green Bay in 2023?
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2. Tight End

The Green Bay Packers recognized the tight end position was potentially the weakest on their roster after free agency, and they went after tight ends hard in the 2023 NFL Draft.

They used a second-round pick on Oregon State's Luke Musgrave, and followed that by using a third-round pick on South Dakota State's Tucker Kraft.

Now, this position group remains one of the "weakest" on the roster as of right now for two major reasons, the first of which is youth. The Packers are really relying on a lot of young players to go out and execute offensively on a week-to-week basis, and these young tight ends coming along quickly will be vital for their overall success.

And not just in the passing game, either. The Packers will especially need one or both of them to step up in the blocking department so Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon can really carry this team early on.

The other issue is health. Both Musgrave and Kraft were limited last season due to injuries and for Musgrave, it's been a rather persistent issue. The Packers can't afford to lose one of these guys early on, nor can they afford to have either of them hitting the rookie wall.

These guys have to be studs from the start.