3 weakest position groups on Packers roster in 2023

Which position groups are the weakest in Green Bay in 2023?
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1. Quarterback

Once again, this position is getting labeled as an area of "weakness" because it is currently unproven. The biggest unknown here is obviously Jordan Love, and his status has been discussed this offseason ad nauseam. It's time for the guy to finally just get a shot, right?

Love has been riding the pine for the last three years, but that really doesn't do justice the fact that he's been learning, absorbing, growing, and developing as well. Most fans just don't get to see much of it. But he had a good preseason and showed himself to be capable of operating the offense at a high level.

But the preseason is just the preseason. The regular season is a different beast entirely. Matt LaFleur is going to have to have Love ready to roll in Week 1 and make sure he has the right scripted plays to keep Love feeling confident throughout the game. All we really have at this point are preseason snaps and his Utah State tape to really go off of, but Love is obviously a very talented player.

The sample size simply needs to grow. But even beyond Love, the Green Bay Packers QB situation is a bit murky at best. Jordan Love is at least a former first-round pick, but behind him, the Packers have rookie fifth-round pick Sean Clifford out of Penn State. Pretty much everyone was shocked to see the Packers -- or anyone, for that matter -- select Clifford, and he got a good amount of work in the preseason.

Understandably, for a rookie, there were some mixed results. Clifford wasn't nearly as bad as maybe his worst critics anticipated, but is he ready for a mid-season tilt with the Vikings if need be? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


For me, the Packers are not well-equipped in the backup QB department and they have had chances to be. If their season comes down to a start or two having to be made by Sean Clifford, it would really be a shame.

The great news for the Packers is this -- you can't sit here and say that a bunch of position groups on one of the youngest rosters in the NFL are weak. Despite their youth, the Packers are extremely talented and a lot of their young talent has proven its potential.

They have a strong offensive line, running backs, defensive front, linebackers, and -- for the most part -- secondary. The special teams could get an honorable mention here with a young kicker as well, but Anders Carlson has outstanding talent.

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