4 reasons why Packers can shock the world and win the Super Bowl

The Packers just dominated Dallas. Why not win it all?
Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers pulled off a dominant win against the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. Why not just go ahead and win the whole thing now?

The Packers have played some really good football in the second half of the season, but what we're seeing in recent weeks is truly a masterclass from Matt LaFleur, Jordan Love, and a galvanized roster of young players who really feel like they're doing more than just playing with house money.

Things are coming together at exactly the right time for this Packers team, and with the reigning NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles already eliminated from the playoffs, and the second seed now eliminated as well, it's a wide-open conference for the taking. We've seen the Packers beat contenders like Dallas, Detroit, and Kansas City over the last couple of months.

Why can't they just win the whole dang thing? Let's talk about why they can.

1. Jordan Love is playing at an MVP level

It was hilarious to see much of the NFL world just discover Jordan Love in the Packers' playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys. For a guy who threw 31 touchdowns in the regular season, Love hasn't really been getting the kind of fanfare you would have expected for someone filling the shoes of Aaron Rodgers, has he?

Jordan Love isn't just out there managing a game -- he's taking games over. We're seeing him make silly throws that people haven't ever seen from him, because most people didn't watch Utah State football games back in 2019.

The way Love is playing feels like more than just your average "heater." He's playing at an MVP level, seeing the field extremely well, making impossible throws consistently, and spreading the ball around to the Packers' plethora of weapons.

The primary reason the Packers should be taken seriously as contenders right now is No. 10.