4 reasons why Packers can shock the world and win the Super Bowl

The Packers just dominated Dallas. Why not win it all?
Green Bay Packers
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3. Aaron Jones is dominating

So, you want to last long in the playoffs?

One of the prerequisites is having a great running game. And, thanks to Aaron Jones, the Green Bay Packers have exactly that.

On one side of the field, you've obviously got Christian McCaffrey, who has been playing at an unreal level all season. Then on the other side, you've got Aaron Jones playing arguably the best football of his entire NFL career at the best possible time.

Jones has run for over 100 yards in four consecutive games, something he has never done before as an NFL running back. He had 118 rushing yards and a whopping three touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys. Over the last four games, he's ripping off nearly six yards per carry.

This is the Aaron Jones that many hoped the Packers would get when it comes to supporting Jordan Love throughout the season. Perhaps the need for that level of support was overstated because Love hasn't exactly needed to lean on a running game to have success, but it certainly doesn't hurt. How are teams supposed to defend this Packers team when you don't know where the ball is going on any given play?

There are so many playmakers, so many weapons, and Jones is the most experienced of the bunch. He is leading the charge, and if he keeps playing like this, the Packers will certainly be contending for a Super Bowl win.