5 free agents Green Bay Packers must sign before Week 1

The Packers need to make these moves before the season opener.

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4. Denzel Mims, wide receiver

Denzel Mims may only need to get healthy before he starts exploring his next NFL possibility, but I really like the idea of him coming to Green Bay. Jason Vrable has proven himself as one of the best wide receiver coaches in the game, and that leads me to believe the Packers should be willing to take on some talent risks like Mims.

Mims has outstanding size and speed. He was a second-round pick by the New York Jets and obviously, that didn't work out. He was picked up by the Detroit Lions in a trade, and the Lions weren't impressed with him and waived/injured him within the last couple of weeks.

If I'm the Packers, I'm looking at Mims as like getting an extra fourth-round pick or something. Bring him in, let him reset, and see what you've got. There is no "worst-case" scenario with a move like this because there's very little risk attached.

5. Jalen Reagor, wide receiver

Yes, Jalen Reagor is currently on the New England Patriots' practice squad, but unless the Patriots are protecting him on a weekly basis, he could be fair game. Now, you get into the complicated matter of trying to sign practice squad guys, and them using that as leverage to get more money from the team they are currently on, but I like the idea of adding Reagor to the Packers for some of the same reasons I like the idea of adding Denzel Mims.


Reagor, like Mims, was part of the vaunted 2020 NFL Draft class at receiver and things just haven't been working out. He's bouncing around the league a bit, but getting him with Jason Vrable could be huge for his NFL career and he would have a chance to stick it to the Vikings twice a year, eventually.

Do the Packers "need" receivers right now? No, they don't, but it's always a position I'm in favor of taking flyers on.

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