5 positions Packers must upgrade in 2024 offseason

What positions need to be upgraded by the Green Bay Packers in 2023?
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4. Running Back

Although the Jonathan Taylor trade didn't become an actual thing, it might be a sign that the Green Bay Packers were potentially trying to get ahead of this situation a year in advance. With Jordan Love still on his rookie deal (albeit not for much longer), the Packers can afford to pay a running back and/or other skill players.

Again, it didn't come to fruition, but you can see the direction this team might be headed. Aaron Jones' cap hit next season is over $17 million, and the Packers can save $12 million by making him a post-June 1 cut. AJ Dillon is a free agent.

Again, don't be shocked if they completely reshuffle the deck at this position group.

5. Cornerback

I think you could easily insert safety here as well, but cornerback is a premium position and I think you want to invest more premium assets here than at safety. Rasul Douglas was traded to the Buffalo Bills. Eric Stokes hasn't been healthy this season (or last season, for that matter).


The Packers need to make upgrades at cornerback considering this year's snap leaders at the position have been Keisean Nixon (a return specialist by trade), Rasul Douglas (traded to a new team) and Carrington Valentine. Obviously the Packers still have Jaire Alexander, who is one of the best corners in the game when healthy, but they might have to move on from Eric Stokes in the offseason, or at least not count on him to be in the starting lineup next year.

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