5 potential replacements for Joe Barry as Packers defensive coordinator

The Packers need to be aggressive in replacing Joe Barry at defensive coordinator.
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4. Glenn Schumann

It's clear that the Green Bay Packers have taken a liking to the Georgia program in recent years, especially in the 2022 NFL Draft, where they made Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt their first-round picks.

Well, maybe the next step in this progression with guys like Walker, Wyatt, and Eric Stokes in the Packers' defense already is just to lure Glenn Schumann away from the Georgia program if at all possible. We know that Georgia has been a gold standard for defense and player development on that side of the ball for the last handful of years, and the 33-year-old Schumann has obviously played a major role in that.

Don't be shocked if he's on speed dial.

5. Christian Parker

If the name Christian Parker rings a bell, it's because he was once part of the Green Bay Packers coaching staff as an assistant on the defensive side. When Vic Fangio was head coach of the Denver Broncos, he lured Parker to the Mile High City and took him in as an apprentice while also hiring Parker to coach up the defensive backs.

Parker has done an incredible job in Denver, coaching DBs like Pat Surtain and Justin Simmons, two absolute stars, but also developing unheralded guys like slot corner Ja'Quan McMillian, young safety PJ Locke, and other players like Caden Sterns.


Parker's work in Denver has earned him a lot of respect among the Denver Broncos fan base and people want to see him get promoted ASAP so a team doesn't steal him. But perhaps the Green Bay Packers can lure him before anyone else has the chance.

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