3 players Packers must bench after ugly loss to Steelers

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3. Jon Runyan

The Green Bay Packers' offensive line has been changing relatively frequently this season, which isn't ideal at all, but it does give you an opportunity to do some evaluating of young players who might be able to be part of your future.

Out of all of the offensive linemen to play for the Packers this season (and the list is extensive), only center Josh Myers has played more snaps than Jon Runyan.

And it might be time for Runyan to be on the field a little bit less.

Green Bay Packers fans have been growing frustrated with Runyan this season, and the calls to put him on the bench are getting louder and louder after the admittedly small sample we saw from Sean Rhyan against the Los Angeles Rams last week.

Rhyan only played 15 snaps, but he got baptized into real NFL action against Aaron Donald, and more than held his own.


Rhyan wasn't some late-round flyer by the Packers in the NFL Draft, either. We're talking about a third-round pick. If the starter isn't playing well enough to stay on the field, and the offensive line is struggling, then you've got to give this a shot if you're Matt LaFleur.

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