3 blockbuster trades Packers can make to help bail out Broncos before deadline

  • Blockbuster deal for superstar DB?
  • Trade for veteran WR?
  • Add veteran turnover machine to secondary
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2. Packers could add WR Courtland Sutton as a veteran leader

The Green Bay Packers, just in general, have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. They are a very talented team, but there might be some areas where they could use veteran leadership.

When wide receiver Courtland Sutton came into the NFL, he had tremendous mentorship from the late, great Demaryius Thomas as well as Emmanuel Sanders. Those guys taught Sutton how to be a pro, and now he can pass that on to other young players as he is set to turn 28 in just a couple of weeks.

By no means is Sutton beyond the point of making a significant impact on the field -- he can certainly be an asset to the Packers' offense, but I think the combination of what he brings to the table leadership-wise as well as his on-field production could make him a great fit for what's going on in Green Bay.

You look at the first three weeks of the season for the Packers, and the most impressive performances by receivers have been slightly underwhelming. Now, Christian Watson returning to the lineup will certainly be a game-changer for that unit overall, but I wouldn't sleep on the potential of the Packers adding a veteran at the receiver position.

A player like Courtland Sutton can come in and provide that veteran presence as well as a big body who excels as a blocker, red zone option, and can win downfield contested catch situations. If the price is right, I definitely don't hate this option for Green Bay.